Kindergarten students creating regular polygon patterns and fills.

As a public school classroom teacher and educational technologist, I’ve been exploring, inventing, and Implementing effective ways to maximize student motivation and achievement since 1982.

Instructional Strategies

907tech.net’s technology program delivers direct instruction of specific computer skills in the context of individual and collaborative creative processes.  As early as kindergarten, students are taught how to use specific software applications, then guided through a creative process within defined parameters.  In this way, skills are learned in the context of need and discovery, and students share their knowledge with each other.

In addition, intermediate students are often involved in complex projects that require collaboration in small teams. “Drill and practice” strategies are also used.  First through sixth grade students are trained in proper keyboarding skills, and reading and math skills are reinforced through online programs.

The technology program also uses cloud computing to enable students to work on some of their projects outside of direct instructional hours.  In this way, parents are able to monitor and assist their children with the learning and creative process, and share in the accomplishment of seeing work brought to a publishable state.

CO2 Dragsters, Wendler Middle School, 2004


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