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Saxon Math 7: Complete Standards-Based Report Card, plus Khan Academy and MS Excel

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In this example, all 132 Saxon Math 7 lessons, all 93 Khan Academy Math 7 lessons, and 12 Microsoft Excel spreadsheet projects are included in the final SBRC report.

This degree of detail shows teachers and parents which specific skills need strengthening, without them being obscured by inclusion in broad standards.


Khan Academy Certificate of Completion

Currently, there are no course completion certificates provided by Khan Academy. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t develop my own and make them available.

A simple form letter with MS Word/Excel would be all it would take, and coaches can supply their own details in a few appropriate categories.

Here’s an example of a Master document with merge fields:

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Here’s an example of a completed merge:

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 Merge fields are in an Excel file and can be easily changed to match specific conditions.

These files can be downloaded from here:


Khan Academy Middle School Math

I found some tips on using Khan Academy for Math today:

While I was excited with this first Khan Academy mission I longed for a specific grade level mission that I could assign to my students. Khan heard my request (and I’m sure the request of many other teachers) and has recently introduced their grade level missions. Now my advanced 6th graders can take the 7th grade math mission and my regular classes can take the 6th grade math mission.
These individual grade level missions focus specifically on the grade level math standards (as well as the important pre-requisite standards from previous grade levels) that our students will need to excel in math. (Note: I recommend that all math teachers select and begin their own mission, in a grade level that they teach, so that they can experience and understand Khan Academy from the students’ perspective.)


This is what I did; I became a student in my own Khan Academy class. In addition, I’ve been publishing Khan Academy standings on our Math 7 web site, as well as  work completion standings of our Saxon Math program.

Anytime something new is developed and used with students, it takes awhile to assess the impact.  So far, the combination of standard math instruction with supplemental online individualized instruction has been extremely useful in finding where student gaps in learning and study skills are revealing themselves.

Khan Academy and Google Sites Changes

Just finished KA Grade 7 Math as a fictitious student, so I needed to set up another chart and table section to the KA2 page.  Should have been easy to add another chart from the same tab in Excel, but Onedrive wouldn’t recognize it, even though it was clearly there in Excel.

Finally had to make another worksheet and add the new table and chart for Grade 8 Math to it.  That satisfied Onedrive and I’m back in business.

The other change I’m messing with is to copy and paste the entire list of individual student skills mastery from Khan Academy into a new tab in the workbook.  Looks like this will save considerable time versus c&p each section.

I put in a request for new features to the KA support forum, but don’t know how much that is monitored.  What I need to be able to do is download data from all students and all skills at one time.  If I had a full classroom of students, doing it like I am now would be extremely tedious.

Automation, right?