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IditaType™ Folders: Organizing and Using Hard-Copy Documents

The Documents Folders

Musher’s Folder

  1. Team Member Positions & Dog Names
  2. Photos of Team Member Masks & Names
  3. Checkpoints Table
  4. Checkpoint Research Assignments
  5. Checkpoint Research
  6. Musher’s Daily Numbers

Trail Log Folder

  1. Checkpoint Table
  2. Daily Trail Log

Daily Numbers Folder

  1. Checkpoint Table
  2. Daily Trail Numbers

How & Why

  1. Catalyzing Teamwork
  2. Organizing Chaos
  3. Minimizing Copy-Paste
  4. Reinforcing Accountability

Modifications for 3rd Grade

Due to the complexity of some of the team tasks, 3rd Grade requirements are open to adjustment:

  • No pilot positions are necessary unless someone has already mastered take-offs and landings.
  • Lead Dogs may not need to use the measuring tool in Google Earth to pinpoint exact trail position. We’ll see….kids are amazing, and I don’t want to cut them short on one of the best features of the race.
  • Hard-copy Trail Log completion before digital Trail Log requirement: I’ll see how they do on this. Like I said, if I lower the bar, they will certainly underperform.

Followup 2/10/17

I went through all of the pre-race instruction yesterday with the 3rd graders.  Lead Dogs are good with being able to pin the daily location. We will do the full-blown program with them sans pilots.

Determining Winner by Shortest Elapsed Time to Nome

The winner of the real Iditarod Sled Dog Race is the first team to Nome. Since each team leaves the starting line at different times, the staggered start is equalized by corrections elsewhere on the trail.

The IditaType™ Race teams likewise do not start at the same time; they don’t even start on the same day. Additionally, due to holidays and other schedule disruptions, grade levels may not have the same number of class meeting each week.

To equalize the differences, the Race Marshall will log actual time spent working by each team with the Racing Time Google sheet shown above.  In this way, the shortest elapsed time working among all the grade levels will determine the first team to Nome.