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Iditarod Typing Race: Race Day Events


Setup: Race Marshal uses three terminals: one for Team 1, one for Team 2, and one for the Race Marshal’s predetermined team positions for each day of the race.

  1. All students gather in the instructional area for briefing.
  2. Display seating assignments as per Team Profile sheets.
  3. Review Team Position Roles and display Documents
    • Trail Log: Hard-copy to Wheels to Musher and through the Team to Lead
    • Excel Workbook: in Musher’s Google Drive
    • Official Google Map: Lead’s Google My Maps; editing privileges with whole team.
  4. Explain and demonstrate: Using the Ruler tool in Google Maps to measure exact distance from the last checkpoint. Display and use both teams’ actual numbers to show pins for Day 1. Wheels record data on Trail Log.
  5. Explain and demonstrate: Team members adding pins with text and photos to the shared map.
  6. Explain that once Musher okays Lead’s position on the map, Musher brings Trail Log to Race Marshal for approval.
  7. Explain that Race Marshal compares Team’s Google Map position  with Race Marshal’s own map. If they match, Race Marshal will release the data for Day 2, and so on throughout the race.


Race Marshal gives 10 second countdown.  Team members disperse to positions and begin. Race Marshal displays timer.


First team to Nome wins. Prizes to be determined.

Macro-enabled Team Generator for Iditarod Typing Race

Here’s a three-sheet Microsoft Excel macro-enabled file that will quickly set up your two equal teams.  Included are four buttons:

  • Create Teams: If you have already entered your 14 days of typing test data, use this button to create two matched teams.
  • Reset Random: Use this button to create hypothetical data. To see how the Create Teams button works, use the Reset Random button, then the Create Teams button.
  • Reset Clear Data: Use this button to erase the data fields and sort the team list in alphabetical order.
  • Populate Teams: This macro will take all the team members and their daily data and put them into a tab for the appropriate team.

Once the teams have been populated, copy and paste their contents into the main workbook on the appropriate Team sheet.

Click here to download the Team Generator file.

IditaRead: Using the Excel Macros

The Microsoft Excel IditaRead workbooks have two macro buttons on the the last sheet of the workbook.

The Erase All Data macro is activated by clicking on the gas gauge.  It will enable you to erase all the data entered in order to start a new race.  I did NOT include the Save command in the macro to prevent unintentional file replacements.

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 1.31.03 PM
The macro buttons on the Restart sheet.

The Random Number macro is activated by clicking on the square of numbers.  It will generate random integers from 0-60 and place them in all of the teams and all of the members for all 14 days. You can test the functionality of the workbook and the results of the rate parameters you chose.

IditaRead: Using the RANDBETWEEN function in MS Excel to practice plotting team positions

Check out the functionality of the MS Excel IditaRead workbooks by using the RANDBETWEEN function on the Data sheet.

RANDBETWEEN allows you to set minimum and maximum integers, so you can see how team positions might play out by generating random numbers.

For example, if your target reading time per day is 45 minutes, consider students reading between 0 and 60 minutes per day.  Your formula would then be =RANDBETWEEN(0,60)

Screen shot 2016-02-25 at 9.24.40 AM

Put this formula in the Day 1 cell on the Data sheet and Fill Down for all your readers.  Check the Trail Position sheet for exact locations of each team and pin them on your Google map.

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 6.34.51 PM
Exact positioning of team positions on the trail.

Screen shot 2016-02-25 at 9.21.24 AM