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Making 2016-2017 the Best Ever…!

Okay, so, I’ve had to ask myself, “Why do you not have assigned seats in the computer lab?”

After 6 years of open seating, I’ve finally realized that I was losing the first part of every class while the students had to work out which computer workstation they were going to use and who they were going to sit by. It was stressful for them, and stressful for me, and of course for any sub I’d have in the room.

So I turned assigned seating into cooperative squads of four students each.  Each position has a job in the group as follows:

  • Supervisor: Makes sure the other students on the squad are staying on track and completing the assignments
  • Supplier: Retrieves and stores squad flash drives and headphones from the class storage bins.
  • Recorder: Makes sure everyone is filling out the Daily Technology Performance Report. Records daily totals on a team-editable Google Sheet.
  • Paperwork: Hands out Daily Technology Performance Reports, collects them at the end of class, staples them in numeric order, and turns them in the the teacher when their squad has finished Closure procedures.

My objective is to provide a more structured environment and basis for developing better cooperative learning skills.

Idita-Type™: WPM, Team Strength, and Winners

The strength of the student teams is based on the average wpm of each member of the team (see Team Profiles).  If this were the only factor in the race, then the outcome would be settled before the race even started. The table and chart below show data from the 2016 keyboarding tests and how that affects trail position relative to the other teams.

Screen shot 2016-03-20 at 3.18.13 PM
How Team WPM Affects Race Rankings

The cooperative teams must complete all of their required tasks before trail advancement is awarded. This enables all teams to have a chance to win based on the efficiency that they complete those tasks.