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Idita-Type™: Team Talk


Google Docs allows us to share a file amongst all the members of a team for the purpose of communication and record keeping. Shown above is an example of the Musher’s shared Trail Log. All of the team members have editing privileges, as does the Race Marshal.  Interesting possibilities……

I’ve created a multi-page Google Doc that can be viewed here and downloaded as a MS Word file in the Iditarod folder here. It contains a page for every day of the race, a trail map, checkpoint links to Iditarod.com, and bookmarks within the document for easy access to different pages. Each day has a table to be filled out by the members of the team.

Team Members’ Responsibilities

  • Musher: Starting Milepost, Last Checkpoint, Time on Trail, Average mph, Resting Time, # of Dogs, Dog Health, Musher Health, Sled Condition
  • Lead: Finishing Milepost distance and pin
  • Swing: Terrain
  • Team: Weather, Temperature, Points of Interest
  • Wheel: Miles Traveled
  • Pilot: Food Drop, Comments

Position responsible for the information is shown in parentheses:

  • M = Musher
  • L = Lead
  • S = Swing
  • T = Team
  • W = Wheel
  • P = Pilot

NOTE: To compute Resting Time for this race, the Musher will divide the Miles Traveled by an average speed of 5 mph and subtract the quotient from 24.

Starting Milepost (M)
Last Checkpoint (M)
Weather (T)
Temperature (T)
Terrain (S)
Finishing Milepost (L)
Miles Traveled (W)
Time on Trail (M)
Average mph (M)
Resting Time (M)
# of Dogs (M)
Dog Health (M)
Musher Health (M)
Sled condition (M)
Food Drop (P)
Point of Interest (T)
Point of Interest (T)
Point of Interest (T)
Point of Interest (T)
Comments (P)