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More Math Brain Glitches

More examples of how you can’t take your brain seriously sometimes.

Addition Error

First column: 6+9+8+9=42?


Division Error

(4 goes into 6) 4 times?


Copying the problem incorrectly

130.59 was supposed to be 139.59

Subtraction Error


The math doesn’t match the question.


Misreading the given facts.


How did the 63 fish become 64?


Misreading the number line.

How many lines after 0.3?

Failure to regroup

7 + 5 = 2 carry the 1

Failure to count decimal places

1 place + 1 place = ?

Always check the easiest problems

5 * 4 = 25?

Math Brain Glitches Illustrated


OK, here are a few examples from the minds of some very brainy math students working way above grade level:

Example 1: Move on before you finish the problem


Example 2: You got WHAT when you subtracted?


Example 3:  20% the same as /20?


Example 4: Answer only part of a 2-part question.


Example 5: Are you sure that’s lowest terms?


Example 6:  We love equivalent fractions.mathglitches4

I keep sayin’, “Check your answers to the easiest problems. Those are the ones you’re going to miss.”



Math Brain Glitches

Last week my advanced math students completed another unit assessment.  These kids are amazing, but every one of them got some answers incorrect because of brain glitches.  There’s no reason why just about every one of the students couldn’t  have gotten all of the answers correct.

I’m going to ask for their tests back, scan their answer sheets, and snip out the ones they missed.  I’ll upload them here and show you what I mean.  Should be pretty interesting.

Adolescent Brain Development

In order to most effectively teach the students in my advanced math class, I need to have a better understanding of adolescent brain development.

These students are not just ahead of their peers as far as math skills go. It is possible that the massive rewiring and efficiency upgrade their brains are experiencing is also ahead of schedule compared to other students their age.


Time-lapse movies of brain development can be found here.