Iditarod Typing Race: Teacher Preparation for Race Day

In order to be able to quickly verify that the Leads have accurately pinned the location of each day’s run, the Race Marshal needs to know where those locations are and be able to instantly compare the team’s map with the correct locations.

The Race Marshal transfers numbers from the Team 1 and Team 2 sheets one day at a time, consults the Trail Position sheet for the exact mileage passed the last checkpoint, and pins it on the Race Marshal’s Google Map.

On Race Day, the Race Marshal will use three computer terminals: one for Team 1’s Google Map, one for the Race Marshal’s Google Map, and one for Team 2’s map.

When the Musher brings the Trail Log from the Leads to the Race Marshal, the Marshal will be able to instantly compare the position that the Lead pinned with that of the official position. If the Team position matches the Race Marshal’s map, the Race Marshal will release the next day’s data to the Wheels.



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