Iditarod Typing Team Race Day Procedure


  1. Opposing teams sit in designated positions. Once in position, only Musher can move about the team.
  2. Musher opens official Excel workbook.
  3. Lead and Swings open official online map.
  4. Teams open official map.
  5. Wheels open Google Apps shared Iditarod folder .
  6. Race Marshal opens each team’s official online map and Daily Data file.


  1. Race Marshal sets rate.
  2. Musher enters value on Rate sheet.
  3. Race Marshal releases Day 1 wpm values for each team member via shared read-only Daily Data file to Wheels.
  4. Wheels communicate individual miles to Musher.
  5. Musher enters values on Data sheet, communicates Trail Position to Wheels.
  6. Wheels relays exact Trail Position to Teams.
  7. Teams relay Trail Position to Swings.  Teams determine approximate location on online map and begin editing Checkpoint icons and placing pictures of progress-to-date. Swings determine exact position on official online map.
  8. Swings and Lead pin exact position on online map. When completed, Musher approaches Race Marshal for verification. When Race Marshal verifies location, team has successfully completed Day 1.
  9. Race Marshal releases Day 2 wpm values, and procedure repeats.
  10. First team to Nome wins.

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