AK Salmon Dipnetting Sites

The Copper River | Chitina Dipnet Fishery Escapement Charts site provides detailed information to help you have a successful dipnetting harvest of the famed Copper River sockeye run.  Sections of the site include Basic Run Timing information; Daily, Cumulative, and Historical Escapement numbers; Eyak fishwheel chinook counts; Trip Planner, Current Conditions, Water Level, Schedule and Emergency Orders; Telephone Numbers; Forums; Personal Use and Subsistence Regulations; Cell Phone Coverage; and more.

The Kenai River | Kasilof River Salmon Escapement Charts site provides detailed and highly visual interpretation of run-timing information. Over 30 years of historical escapement data for both rivers will help you gain perspective on the current escapement estimates. Also included are Off Shore Test Fishery data, commercial fishing harvest estimates, maps, current conditions, web cams, and current tide tables for the mouth of the Kenai River and for Cape Kasilof.

The Alaska Salmon Dipnetting Links page provides links to statewide information, regulations, vendors, and forums.


The Predictive Fishometer
The Predictive Fishometer

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